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Michael Jordan Adds Another 'Catch-23' to His Fishing Fleet

If you needed further proof that MJ has great taste, we have it.

It's long been known that 'His Airness' has a keen eye for the finer things. The basketball icon is enjoying an equally successful post-career run as he did during his playing days, which included 6 NBA championships, and has been dabbling in everything from buying and selling the Charlotte Hornets NBA franchise to being a part-owner of a NASCAR team. In his free time, he's also become a fervent fisherman. With a portfolio like that, who wouldn't spend their days reeling in tuna for kicks? The boating world has always kept an eye for Jordan's Catch-23, an 80-foot custom sportfishing yacht from Viking, which routinely pops up around the Carolinas (although its based out of Jupiter, Florida) where MJ regularly enters into fishing tournaments. With all the buzz when he's competing, he can often found on the docks or kicking back on the fishing platform with his crew.

The first Catch-23 featured a custom elephant print wrap, making it an obvious an eye-catcher and unquestionably MJ's ride when spotted on the horizon. Aside from the standout colour scheme, it packed an LOA of 80'6", a beam of 21'5", a 60" flatscreen tv on an electronic lift, two full galleys, a wet bar, sleeping accommodations for 10 guests, a top speed of 40 knots (46 mph), and an $8 million USD price tag.

Now it appears Jordan has switched over to an epic 80-foot custom Bayliss sportfishing yacht, also under the name Catch-23, and with a similar colour scheme. It's generally considered uncouth to use the same boat name twice within your own fleet, but who's going to stop MJ from going hard to the rim on that one?

The details on the Bayliss thus far are scarce, but it appears to be another 80-foot design, which makes it one of the biggest yachts Bayliss has ever built. It also comes with a steeper price tag, apparently in the $15 million range.

Jordan is currently back in North Carolina at the iconic Big Rock Blue Marling Fishing Tournament to compete for a top prize of $7.5 million and he's brought his new boat with him. Even though MJ has reeled in some behemoths at other Big Rock before, he's always come up short of making the podium.

No word yet on the status of the original Catch-23 Viking yacht, but ask any boater with a bottomless budget if they'd rather have one yacht or two, and you'll know the answer.

If anything is going to change the gambler's luck at Big Rock, a sweet new ride won't hurt his chances.

Check out Jordan's new Bayliss from Huddle Up Sports and business writer Joe Pompliano in the video below:

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