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Inside Superyacht Harbour at the Monaco Grand Prix with Kym Illman

During the Monaco Grand Prix the harbor is filled with some of the most incredible superyachts you've ever seen.

For those unfamiliar with the Monaco GP, it's one of the biggest spectacles in the world -- both on land and on water. While the race has been run since 1929, it was one of seven venues on the inaugural F1 World Championship calendar in 1950.

The track is a challenging 3.337 km (2.07 miles) along the Monaco coastline, allowing yacht and superyacht owners to get a great vantage point from the water. It's an iconic backdrop for an iconic race, year after year.

There are billions of dollars worth of yachts at the harbour here, each more impressive than the last.

Among these floating palaces, the largest private yacht in the harbor is Michael Latifi’s Faith. This 96-meter marvel is worth over $200 million.

The second largest yacht is Philip Green's Lionheart. Despite some negative comments about Green, he resides in Monaco, saving considerable money. Lionheart is a 2016 Benetti from Italy, cruising at 15 knots and accommodating 12 guests with a crew of 30. The annual running costs for Lionheart are about $11 million. In past years, larger yachts were present, primarily Russian-owned, but sanctions have affected their presence.

Mooring costs are substantial. For example, a 40-meter yacht costs $36,000 for the Grand Prix weekend. I visited Loon, another impressive yacht valued at around $45 million. Captain Paul informed me that mooring costs for a 45-meter yacht like Loon range from $120,000 to $130,000 for the five-day event.

Despite the high-tech amenities on board, such as joystick steering and luxurious interiors, many yachts are primarily here for the ambiance and the thrilling sounds of the race. With 700 berths in Port Hercule, the area is packed with visitors. Port Hercule is one of two ports in Monaco, the other being Fontvieille.

In this video I will discuss the logistics of the Monaco harbour during the 2024 Monaco GP, show you some of the Monaco yachts and superyachts parked in the Monaco Marina, and discuss the Monaco dock fees. If you’ve ever asked yourself: “how much is the Monaco Harbour worth?” then this is the perfect video for you:

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