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How To Tie Your Boat Up At The Dock

By: Scott Way

tie boat up at dock
Leigh Patrick / Pexels

Seems easy, right? There's cleats, you've got rope, just put 2+2 together and off you go. You'd be surprised how many boaters struggle to get their lines tied. And you'd be more surprised how many boaters don't want to admit it.

The reality is, it's not that easy, so it's understandable it can be a struggle. Depending on your boat, the dock, and the water you're in, there are all kinds of things to consider when you roll up to a new dock.

You'll have to consider what knots to use based on the tie-down locations you've got, how many lines to use, where to tie them on your boat, and how to deal with the dock itself, nearby boats, and water conditions.

There's nothing worse than coming back from shore leave to find your boat with fresh scratches from a failed tie-up.

Knowing your knots is the first step, and if you're unsure about your basic seamanship there are lots of great resources to help you learn a few basic boater's knots.

So if you're a transient boater who often finds themselves at new locations, this video from Brooke Crist Outdoors is a great informational tool to help you master typing up at the dock.

There are great tips, tricks, and first-hand demonstrations, so the next time you pull into a new spot you'll be confident your boat (and the boats around you) will be safe.

You can enjoy lots more great boating and fishing videos on from Brooke Crist Outdoors on YouTube.

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