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Cool Story- Man Buys Rare 30 Yr Old Italian Yacht For Unique Rebuild Project

By: Scott Way


Chris from B Is For Build, who typically rebuilds obscure (and often destroyed) cars on his popular YouTube channel, purchased a 1990 Riva Tropicana 44' with the intention of overhauling the rare Italian yacht (of which there are seemingly only a handful in the entire U.S). Amusing hijinks ensue as Chris and his team begin a deck rebuild, electronics upgrade, and explore mysterious engine problems. The highlight might be their decision to rename the boat- which includes the forsaken covering (and not removal) of the original name. The name they choose? B Is For Boat, of course. There are some great laughs and a few interesting hiccups as Chris and his team figure out their new life as yacht owners. Their enthusiasm (and willingness to dock a 44' yacht in reverse with no training) is infectious. It's some harmless and heartfelt entertainment that boat enthusiasts might enjoy. Heck, it might inspire you to buy an old boat yourself.

Check out Phase 1 of Chris' purchase and retrofit below. Have you ever taken on a 'passion project' like rebuilding an old boat? If so we'd love to hear your story. Leave a comment below!

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