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Watch This Insane Jet Boat Run Up the Payette River in Idaho

By: Scott Way

As the dog days of summer set in there's a growing restlessness among boaters. As summer ticks on they start itching for longer trips, faster runs, and bigger adventures. It makes sense, too. The sun is out, time is limited, and before you know it winter is back and you're on the dock. That being said, if you're like these guys and you find yourself feeling restless just skip 1st gear and go full send. Up river, no less.

Based on some internet sleuthing, this insane run was done by Zac Barnes on the Payette River in Idaho. His jet boat was a Wattscraft, which are really neat Canadian-made kit boats. His little 12 footer packs over 300 hp, which was clearly enough for catch some serious air, not to mention go full submarine. Zac's boat was tricked out by RSRacecraft in a custom Idaho Living Edition, which is pretty awesome. Hometown proud.

Grab onto your desk chair. You'll get white knuckles just watching it. Full send!

You can check out some awesome PNW Jetboat videos on their Instagram page.

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