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Twin Vee PowerCats Launches 2nd Gen GFX2 Models

Fort Pierce, Florida's Twin Vee PowerCat’s has announced the all-new GFX2 model line as their “second generation” of Twin Vee catamarans for 2024 and beyond.

The upgrade comes on the heels of Twin Vee making several moves in 2023, most notably their acquisition of the Aquasport brand from Ebbtide Holdings and then launching their own LFG Marine brand of models later the same year.

Several years ago, under the leadership of CEO Joseph Visconti, the company first created their 400 GFX flagship. The company then invested their new design philosophy into their 2025 model line and beyond -- evolving from GFX to GFX2 Second Generation of Twin Vee performance.

“The hull is proven,” said Preston Yarborough, Vice President and Director of Product development at Twin Vee, in a press release.

“The lifting strakes, reverse chine and twin hull design, with just enough air induction between the hulls to aerate the water, give Twin Vee cats a super soft entry, no slamming and minimal sneezing. Also, we wanted to make the entire model line consistent and change the aesthetics. It was hard to make a cat with all its benefits of the best ride quality and fuel efficiency good looking, but we think we mastered that too,” he said. 

With the help of engineer Greg McLogan, who has more than 20 years of power catamaran engineering experience, Twin Vee started with their largest model, the 40-footer, and then systematically worked downward through the 34', 28', 26', and 24’ models. Everything from from the waterline up has been revamped, including the integration of a new advanced digital control system, while still maintaining the company's signature look.

“We didn’t want to change the DNA of Twin Vee, but now, whether you can afford or want a 40’ or a 24’ boat, a Twin Vee will be consistent in design and construction—with upgraded quality and quantity of features,” said McLogan.

All Twin Vee molds are now created using 5-Axis CNC router technology, marking an increased precision compared to formerly hand-built plugs and molds. All models are infused, using precise amounts of composite material along with fiberglass in the hulls and bulkheads. The result is a monolithic hull construction with the highest strength, correct weight balance, quality, and consistency from boat to boat.

The console was re-designed as a “Command Center” with the newest technologies, including a 24” multifunction display, integration with a mobile app, and digital switching (with redundant button control) -- all of which creates simplified control of the boat's systems, including control pumps, sound system, lighting, and a line of options like FLIR thermal vision, camera, a fish finding transducer pack (down and side sonars), advanced autonomous navigation, and Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+ trolling motor.

The helm station is protected by a tempered glass windshield, a redesigned, lighter-weight T-top, with LED lights, supported by D-shaped aluminum supports (with a powder coat option), integrated into the console for a graceful, aerodynamic look with no pipes to avoid tripping. The helm seating boasts premium marine-grade materials and luxury sport stitch patterns, as does the bow seating, with forward facing backrests — comfortable for cruising or removable for fishing. A porcelain freshwater head macerated head is convenient for all.

For fishing, the GFX2 line is ready and replete with rod holders, recirculating live wells (up to 50-gallons on smaller models—100-gallons on the 40), increased storage in tackle centers, carbon fiber hatch lids on insulated, deck fish boxes, and larger fuel tanks for increased range. The Twin Vee GFX2 also enjoys better fuel economy, thanks to the lighter construction. Transom corner jump seats can flip up to create more cockpit space.

“When picking power for a cat, more is not always better,” said Yarborough, so Twin Vee recommends twin Mercury, Yamaha, or Suzuki engines with enough horsepower to fit a customer’s fishing and cruising style. Electric or electric-hydraulic steering, depending on the power package is standard, and joystick controls are optional.

A 12-year hull warranty is offered on all 2025 GFX2 models. The mew GFX2 models will be available for summer 2024 with pricing comparable to prior GFX models.

"We wanted to refine our products and pair them with cutting-edge enhancements to help create unforgettable experiences for our customers and their families when they're out on the water. The less time you need to worry about your boat, the more time you can focus on the things that really matter," added Visconti.

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