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Safe Boating Awareness Week- May 16th-22nd 2020

Young girl wearing PFD on boat
Ryan Bruce / Burst

It's Safe Boating Awareness Week! From May 16th-22nd 2020 the industry will be reaching out across North America to promote safe practices across all forms of boating. As we know this year will be different, and with the rushed opening for many marinas and retailers using proper safety procedure is more important than ever. Boaters will be subject to new social distancing rules at all public locations, and there will be a learning curve as boaters adjust to new methods at the launch ramp and the marina. Spring weather also hasn't been particularly cooperative thus far in 2020, which means cold air and cold water, so be sure to check your safety equipment, ensure you're prepared before you depart, and revisit safety protocols with your crew. So please join Boat Blurb, the CSBC, and all recreational boaters this week to encourage safe boating practices and let's all make the most of the season ahead.

From the CSBC:

"Boating is not quite into full gear yet, with some areas of the country open and some soon to open. Because many are getting onto the water in time for Safe Boating Awareness week, we want to remind you of not just our 5 key messages for boating safely, we will also want you to keep in mind recommendations related to physical distancing and who should be and not be on your boat.

A key issue as the boating season begins is for now you can expect fewer boaters on the water, so there will be less chance of having help close at hand if you run into trouble. Plus, if you do get into trouble, you will put extra stress onto rescue resources.

The CSBC Safe Boating Awareness Week messages this season are below."

  • Wear a PFD or Lifejacket

  • Boat Sober

  • Take a Boating Course

  • Be Prepared, Both You and Your Vessel

  • Be Wary of the Dangers of Cold Water Immersion

For more information about Safe Boating Awareness Week you can visit the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

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