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S2 Yachts to Consolidate Tiara Brands

By: Scott Way

Tiara C53 Coupe
Tiara C53 Coupe

S2 Yachts -- which owns and operates the Tiara and Tiara Sports brands -- has announced they will consolidate under the name Tiara Yachts.

Previously the two names differentiated their outboard and inboard lines, but now both will fall under the Tiara Yachts moniker. In a company statement, S2 noted that a changing marketplace and an increased focus on outboard options necessitated the move. Beginning in 2021, all new models will use solely the Tiara Yachts name, including the all-new outboard powered 48 LS that's set to debut later in February at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida at a Customer VIP Event.

From CEO and President Tom Slikkers, “The definitions of Yacht and Sport have evolved since the inception of Tiara Sport in 2017. Sport has shifted and blended from vessels meant to be enjoyed for the day to vessels that can be enjoyed for longer trips and with more people, similar to what we see in our Yacht products. Our outboard products continued to grow in length and scope, which was not necessarily something we envisioned when we started Tiara Sport. Ultimately, our brand families were more alike than they were different. Those shifts, paired with our desires to streamline resources and focus, led us to this change.”

Another new model from the Michigan based manufacturer, the 43 LE, had been on a debut tour around the US which culminated in its unveiling at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October. Now Tiara will employ the same strategy with the all-new 48 LS.

According to Dave O'Connell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Although this is a directional shift for our company, this change will allow us to simplify and build momentum on both our inboard and outboard products. We’re excited to welcome 2021 with this branding shift and we’re looking forward to a great year, working with our dealer partners and customers to bring their boating dreams to reality."

For more information on the 48 LS check out the Tiara website. To find a new or used Tiara closest to you visit

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