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New Lexus Yacht Boasts BBQ on the Flybridge and Sweet Swim Platform

Lexus is officially committed to the yacht game.

And whatever preconceived notions you might have about a car manufacturer getting into boat building, go ahead and toss them right out the driver side window.

The LY680 yacht was announced by the well-known automaker at the recent Japan International Boat Show. A 1/20 scale model was displayed at the Lexus booth which highlighted several distinct features not typically found on traditional yachts. Most notably, a BBQ on the flybridge and a swimming platform that puts your local community center's pool to shame.

The LY680 will carry an LOA of 20.66 m (67'10") with a 5.76 m (18'10") beam with room for 15 passengers and sleeping accommodations for 6 guests in 3 separate staterooms. It's actually the second time Lexus has forayed into yachts, having first made one in 2019, the LY650, which was made by Marquis Yachts.

Lexus' novel approach to yacht design is perhaps best exemplified by their continual calling of their boats as 'water vehicles,' rather than as 'yachts.' In the press release, they claim the LS680 is designed "to feel like a hideout in the middle of the sea, providing a space where discerning customers can feel free and at ease."

Despite being designed by Lexus, the boat itself will be manufactured by Horizon Group, who have a large portfolio of successful builds in the superyacht industry. For the time being, the vessel will be exclusively available in Japan, although based on the interest alone, not to mention Horizon's U.S. presence, one could rightly expect that Lexus may be in North America shortly.

Not only does the LY680's exterior appearance make her stand out from the crowd, but her unique three-level design will attract attention from yacht designers who want to see if a) the design works, and b) if it's something they need to consider themselves.

Up top, the flybridge has been extended by 55" (140 cm) over the previous prototype and features a spacious lounge sofa and a barbecue grill. A spacious, and typically rounded, sofa next to the BBQ makes for an excellent grilling station while taking in a panoramic 360 view.

In addition, the swimming platform has been extended by (28" 70 cm) over the original design, which allows for a wide range of possibilities, not the least of which is a party at the stern with all your friends and family.

Rounded lines are the standard approach to both the interior and exterior, which is complimented by extensive panoramic windows that amplify the effect. Throughout the boat, there are seemingly no hard edges as each appliance or internal structure flows seamlessly into the next.

As one would expect from Lexus, performance was certainly part of the design philosophy. Power comes from twin Volvo IPS 1350 or 1050 engines with a top power rating of 2700 horsepower. She also carries a large fuel capacity of 4012 L (1059 gal) and a fresh water tank of 852 liters (225 gal).

The boat is expected to be on the water for spring 2026.

You can get the first look at the LY680 in the video below:

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