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Klay Thompson Becoming NBA's Unofficial Ambassador of Boating

Klay Thompson fishing boat
Instagram / @klaythompson

We've covered NBA champ Klay Thompson's love for boating before. The guy could do anything he wants with his free time, but he chooses to rip around San Fran in an Axopar 37 Cabin and go fishing with his friends. I'm not a basketball guy, but Klay is my kinda guy.

As far as other pro sports go, Tom Brady became the NFL's de facto representative when he rolled up to his own Super Bowl parade in a Wajer 55, arguably the nicest boat money can buy in that size range.

Tennis has Rafael Nadal. He rides in style aboard a Sunreef 80 Power with the sweet name of Great White. F1 has new champion Max Verstappen, who scored a sweet deal on a 120-foot superyacht that follows him to races around the world.

The old crown for NBA Boating Ambassador was probably MJ, who still takes part in swordfishing tournaments in the world's nicest fishing boat, the Catch 23. But alas, Jordan is retired and a new ambassador has taken the reins.

Over the last few months, Thompson has earned the job thanks to a newfound love for the nautical life. He's been rehabbing knee injuries for two years, and evidently all that free time had to be filled with something. Thompson has even spoken about the psychological benefits of going boating as a means to manage stress, which is something boaters have been hollering for decades to anyone who will listen. Thompson's ambassadorship is gaining momentum too, because it seems everyone in the NBA is looking for a guided tour from Captain Klay.

After the Warriors beat the Brooklyn Nets 110-106 on Saturday Night at Chase Center in San Francisco, Nets star Kyrie Irving asked Thompson for a ride on his boat. We'll assume that was a 'yes' from Thompson. Irving better bring gas money, though. Rules are rules.

Thompson probably had his boat at the arena, too. He commutes to games with it (despite a penchant for having trouble parking). Maybe he and Irving went for a late night tour around the Bay. Not a bad Saturday night.

As for Klay's actual teammates, many of the Warriors have taken rides in the Splash Express. Thompson documents many of them on his Instagram page.

Kyrie will probably have to wait until the off-season to go fishing for halibut in San Francisco Bay, but maybe Klay can recommend what to buy for fishing the Hudson River in Brooklyn. I'd recommend a dragnet.

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