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Failure to Launch- B.C Boater Goes Cruising With Trailer Still Attached

By: Scott Way

We've seen it all at the launch ramp. In a rush to hit the lake it's common to see boaters struggling to back up their trailer, making umpteen corrections in a desperate attempt to get on the water before the weekend rush. It's also pretty commonplace to see boaters forgetting things on shore and having to turn back before they even leave the marina. But this might take the cake. A B.C boater from Shuswap lake in B.C southern interior was captured cruising along with the trailer still attached to his boat.

But here's the stranger part...

According to locals, if you've got an island cottage this isn't a bad way to get your trailer where it needs to be. According to some witnesses: “For those of us with island cottages, it’s a perfectly sensible way to getting a trailer out to a remote location.”

Said another: “This isn’t unusual and I’ve seen this in marinas as a way to get a trailer to a property that you can’t drive to.”

Where there's a will there's a way, and despite this video going viral it seems there may be a reason behind the revelry. To see the full story, you can read the Global News story or watch the video below:

(*apologies for the curse word in the video*)

Credit via Viral Hog

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