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Boating the Intracoastal Waterway from Rhode Island to Florida

By: Scott Way

For many boaters in eastern North America, the Intracoastal Waterway is either part of their usual stomping grounds, or a fabled route they someday hope to explore. For the uninitiated, the ICW runs along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean from Boston, MA around the southern tip of Florida, and ends officially in the Gulf of Mexico at Brownsville, Texas. it covers over 4,800 kilometres, spans 15 U.S states, and is part of The Great Loop- the adventurous route for circumnavigating eastern North America.

Traversing the ICW from tip to tail is a dream for many boaters- you'll experience a huge portion of the United States, not to mention countless sights, sounds, and cities along the way. There are different climates too, from the chilly waters of the eastern Atlantic to the tropical bliss of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. For the more adventurous, carrying on to complete The Great Loop will bring you back around to the northeast, a route which can take 10-12 months depending on your schedule and timing.

If you're looking to explore the ICW, watch the video below from Review Outlaw who takes his Monterey 34SY on a 12 day adventure from Warwick, RI to Jacksonville, FLA. There's great information for boaters about recommended stops, route tips, a breakdown of costs, and what to expect if you take the journey. Check it out!

To see more boating videos from Review Outlaw you can follow him on YouTube.

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ICW=Intra Coastal not "Inter" Coastal


What was the Mobil app you used on your phone?

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