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ATX Surf Boats Expands with Third New Model for 2021

By: Scott Way

When ATX Surf Boats launched in August 2019 the original line-up included two models- a 22 and 24-foot 'Type-S' wake boat. For 2021, ATX will be expanding from within their alma mater at Tige Boats with the launch of a new 20-foot model, the 20 Type-S. ATX Surf Boats are designed and crafted by the same team that builds the Tige Boats brand, and the new line-up will offer a new generation of consumers a value driven lineup under the popular Tige Boats canopy.

Like Tige, ATX boats are built in Abilene, TX in the same factory with the same production processes as Tige. The new name 'ATX' is an acronym for both Austin and Abilene, Texas, their dual home bases, thus giving the new lineup some hometown pride and a recognizable signature.

Despite being less than three years old, the addition of a third model is seemingly the beginning of even more to come.

According to ATX, The Type-S lineup "provides buyers with maximum experience and style, all while keeping it to a minimum investment." The new boats are designed to give the broader market a unique entry into the inboard segment. In the same vein of other major brands in the surf category, the ATX series has signature flash and flair, all while being at a pricepoint below their competitors. As the wake/surf market continues to expand in 2021, ATX seems poised to be sitting in an enviable position.

“After the huge success of ATX Surf Boats in our first year, we’re ready and excited for the 20 Type-S to contribute to our fast, continued growth,” stated Charlie Pigeon, Owner, and CEO of Tige Boats in their press release. “We would put the 20 Type-S up against any of the bigger boats in the market, the performance of this boat is just incredible.” He also added, “by offering practical yet innovative features, our new owners can enjoy simplicity in the performance and functionality of the boat, as well as a simple ownership experience. The ATX brand will fulfill these expectations and is setting up to take over market share through our business and brand strategy.”

The new Type-S 20 brings a 102“ beam and the deepest freeboard in the 20’ segment. It also offers industry leading cockpit space with seating for 12, and an unmatched amount of storage at 92.5 cubic feet. There is a markedly wide and spacious 'picklefork' bow, and a transom that includes standard built-in seats. Other notable features include a Convex V Hull 2,750 lbs of ballast, an easy assist Shock Tower, an ATXperience Control system (including a 7" touch screen and switch system), the TAPS 3T and Go System ballast control, a 6.2L Closed Cooled Engine by Indmar, and so more. ATX has also partnered with a variety of vendors and partners, including Wet Sounds, Indmar Marine Engines, GatorStep, Hurricane Towers, and Enovation Controls.

The ATX product line already hosts a worldwide network of dealers throughout the U.S, Canada, and abroad.

Here's a quick breakdown of the specs for the Type-S lineup:

ATX 20 Type-S

2021 ATX 20 Type-S
The 2021 ATX 20 Type-S

Length- 20′ (6.11 m)

Boat Beam- 102″ (259.08 cm)

Weight- 4500 lb (2041.16 kg)

Ballast- 2750 lb (1247.38 kg)

Fuel Capacity- 43 gal (162.77 l)

Hull- Convex V

Seating- 12

Draft- 29″ (73.66 cm)

Storage- 92.59 ft³ (2.62 m³)

ATX 22 Type-S

2021 ATX 22 Type-S
The 2021 ATX 22 Type-S

Length- 22′ (6.71 m)

Boat Beam- 102″ (259.08 cm)

Weight- 4950 lb (2245.28 kg)

Ballast- 3000 lb (1360.78 kg)

Fuel Capacity- 57 gal (215.77 l)

Hull- Convex V

Seating- 15

Draft- 29″ (73.66 cm)

Storage- 101.34 ft³ (2.86 m³)

ATX 24 Type-S

2021 ATX 24 Type-S
The 2021 ATX 24 Type-S

Length- 24′ (7.32 m)

Boat Beam- 102″ (259.08 cm)

Weight- 5160 lb (2341 kg)

Ballast- 3750 lb (1700 kg)

Fuel Capacity- 57 gal (215.77 l)

Hull- Convex V

Seating- 18

Draft- 29″ (73.66 cm)

Storage- 116.57 ft³ (3.30 m³)

Other available features on the Type-S lineup include:

Taps 3T Surf System

Zero Off™ GPS Cruise Control

Removable Seatbacks

Lifetime Hull Warranty

5 Year Full Coverage Warranty

Charging Phone Holder

Wetsounds Premium Audio with Icon 8" Tower Speakers

Rear view Camera

Mooring Cover

7" Touch Screen

Rear Facing Seat

Recline Captains Chair with Bolster

Bimini with Surf Pockets

Gas shock Assist Tower

To get the latest about their lineup visit ATX website. To find new and used ATX Surf Boats nearest you visit

You can check out full video walkthroughs of the 22 Type-S and 24 Type-S below:

22 Type-S

22 Type-S Interior Walkthrough

24 Type-S

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