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10 Watercraft That Define the Word 'Awesome'

By: Scott Way

There have been lots of boat designs that defy explanation over the years. From outlandish catamarans made by Silicon Valley execs to re-purposed lifeboats made by architects in the Arctic, there has never been a shortage of outside-the-box thinking when it comes to boating. Minds Eye Design has come up with a list of '10 Watercraft That Define the Word Awesome,' and its hard to disagree with their choices. From the Scubacraft Spectre 007 that starred in a James Bond film of the same name, to the Neyk Submarine that looks like The Nautilus led by Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (except with waaaayy more luxury), this list has everything that floats that's awesome.

Check out the video (and the full list below) to see the 10 Watercraft That Define the Word 'Awesome.'


The full list:

10. SolCat 12

9. Seakart 335

8. Scubacraft Spectre 007

7. SILENT 79

6. Scarab 165 Ghost and Identity

5. Neyk submarine

4. Superfly GT 42

3. Q Yachts Q30

2. Jaguar VECTOR V20E

1. Prova Outcut 29.5

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